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Meet Our Newest Addition to the Carlo Bellotti Publishing Family- Dungeon Media!

The rich history and expertise of Carlo Bellotti Publishing Company. With Dungeon Media, your music gains access to a vast distribution network spanning physical shops and digital platforms, ensuring maximum reach and exposure. Our partnership with industry giants like The Orchard and Warner Chappell Music further solidifies our commitment to providing comprehensive services, including publishing, administration, and royalty management.

Beyond distribution, Dungeon Media offers a suite of promotional tools and label services to elevate your music career. Whether you're an independent artist or a seasoned professional, our team is dedicated to supporting your artistic journey.

With offices in both the United States and England, Dungeon Media is positioned to cater to the diverse needs of musicians worldwide. Under the leadership of CEO Carlo Bellotti and Vice President Gabe Zane, we continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving music industry landscape.

Join Dungeon Media and unlock the potential of your music on a global scale. Discover a distribution service that combines tradition with innovation, where your art finds its rightful place in the spotlight.


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