Carlo Bellotti Management is our office responsible for the management and coordination of all our departments, record labels and agencies.

Record Labels

Wormholedeath (Project Manager: Natascia Pribac)
Modern Rock / Metal Label Partner of Aural Music Group and The Orchard Inc.

Epictronic (Project Manager: Carlo Bellotti)
Mass Market Productions Administered by Warner Chappell Music Holland BV and distributed by The Orchard Inc.


Web Marketing (Project Manager: Geraldina Scarascia)

English Copy (Project Manager: Michelle Blessing)


Firmline Network (Project Manager: Riccardo Daga / Alessandro Poletti)

Volume Agency (Project Manager: Natasa Bozic)

Enfire Entertainment (Project Manager: Douglas Garnett)


English School in Ferrara and online (Project Manager: Carlo Bellotti)


CD-DVD Pressing (Project Manager: Marcello Venditti)

Merchandising (Project Manager: Massimiliano Tomaino)


Los Angeles: Aradia Corey
Tokyo: Masahiko Kishimoto
Firenze (Head Office): Carlo Bellotti